Daniel Vasilaky

Machine Learning and Neural Networks, Higher Education

Daniel Vasilaky has published articles on machine learning

Daniel Vasilaky's Bio:

Daniel Vasilaky completed his doctoral work at Rutgers University in training a neural network to recognize structures in CT images. His dissertation may be viewed as a pdf file at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Daniel-Vasilaky. Daniel Vasilaky is proficient in C++, Java, XML, R, PHP, Python, SQL, TensorFlow, Perl scripting, MatLab, and Linux administration. Please contact Daniel Vasilaky at fouriereuler2020@gmail.com

Daniel Vasilaky's Education:

  • Rutgers University

    Concentration: Biomedical Informatics

Daniel Vasilaky's Interests & Activities:

The outdoors, cats, classical guitar, creative writing, books, music, mathematics, philosophy, literature, film, visual and performing arts